OpenAI integration with SEOPress

The future of SEO is here! With OpenAI integration with SEOPress, a new avenue has been brought to the limelight. Since the launch of ChatGPT, many experts have been speculating about the future of SEO and digital marketing. But what it was gonna be like was a bit foggy. As mostly the output generated by … Read more

Google is going to crush OpenAI ChatGPT

Google is going to crush OpenAI ChatGPT! Yes, you have heard it right. Because to Neil Patel – in his recent interaction on Instagram, explained how Google is going to respond to the hype created by OpenAI. To him, the competition between OpenAI and Google is going to be based on the data they have. … Read more

Exploring Chatbot Trends in 2023

Exploring Chatbot Trends in 2023

As previously, we have seen how the Microsoft OpenAI partnership poses a threat to Google Docs. But is this the only competition we should be aware of? Of course not! Because, to me, the chatbot opportunities offered by AI are far more vast than we can comprehend. Therefore, with this theme in mind today in … Read more

Is Microsoft OpenAI a threat to Google Docs?

Is Microsoft OpenAI a threat to Google Docs

Since OpenAI has formally announced that the Microsoft OpenAI partnership is extending further with an investment of around 10 billion dollars, the real game was on. But important to note here, the pace of this development is far more rapid than many of us have expected. As initially, you can recall, this investment was meant … Read more