NeevaAI: The New AI Search Engine

After an eventful last week, we have another AI Search Engine to introduce; NeevaAI.

As previously, we have seen the reinventing of New Bing by Microsoft and the failed attempt of Google with its AI Bard. Now it is time to focus on NeevaAI.

  • So what is NeevaAI?
  • How it plans to work?
  • What are the prospects it brings?
  • How is it different from the existing systems?

What is NeevaAI:

Well, in plain words, NeevaAI is an AI-powered search engine that works similarly to ChatGPT but in a more efficient manner. Initially launched only for the USA, today, the orbit of the interaction for this AI search engine has been spread to other countries like Spain, Germany, and France.

How it works:

One of the most significant questions regarding NeevaAI is its working model. How will this AI search engine work? 

Just think about ChatGPT! How does it work? It takes a question and, based on the data available, gives you an answer, correct! NeevaAI will use the same method, but! But this answer will be more factual and more accurate, unlike OpenAI ChatGPT.

Unlike other AI search offerings, NeevaAI offers current information to the user by interrogating a page, understanding its contents and incoming links to determine whether the page is useful and authoritative and cite the information source. NeevaAI does this in real time as the web changes, which is vital in our fast paced world

As this AI search engine will have direct access to web pages available online. Based on that data, it will generate the answers to the queries and will also provide the citations for its answers, as we see on and also in the New Bing as well. 

Prospects NeevaAI brings: 

As per the announcement of the NeevaAI official blog, it brings positive prospects for the publishers. As it understands that publishers are going to be affected because of the new AI bots, and therefore, it plans to share 20% of its revenue with content creators and publishers whose content will be used for answering the query.

Neeva is committed to helping publishers leverage AI and LLMs to re-take ownership of the relationships with their users. Neeva is working to help publishers integrate fluent AI search natively in their websites allowing users to discover and consume content seamlessly. Moreover, to support publishers, whose referral traffic is now at greater risk from AI answer bots, Neeva has committed 20% of its topline revenue to content creator and publisher partners when their content is used to directly answer a Neeva customer’s query.

How it is different from the existing search engine:

If we see NeevaAI in its current state, there are two main competitors in its way. and New Bing by Microsoft. As Google still has to streamline Bard in its search. Now has pretty similar features to NeevaAI but hasn’t gained much momentum.

On the other hand, Bing is already enjoying quite a popularity. And as per our previous post, we have seen how they have signed up more than a million users on their waitlist within 48 hours. Now we have to see how much clarity this NeevaAI brings. 

Neeva is ready to challenge the corporate bias of Big Tech, giving consumers a long overdue improved searching and browsing experience

 Neeva CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy.

Moreover, as initially, it is available for the regions mentioned above, we have to see how users feel about NeevaAI vs. Microsoft Bing.

So try it out and let us know about your feedback!

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