How To Summarize YouTube Videos with Google Bard

Google has been pushing new heights with its focus on AI. One such update in this regard is about Google Bard. As based on the recent update, it now has the capability to summarize YouTube videos. And many of us have heard the news! But what is the right way to do it? Our Today’s blog is to help you guide about the right process to effectively make use of it. So without wasting our time, let’s get started:

Step 1: Enabling the YouTube Extension:

To make use of Google Bard to summarise YouTube videos, you need to activate the YouTube extension. But how we can do this?

For this just simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Bard Homepage: Start by navigating to the Bard homepage.
  2. Click on the Puzzle Icon: Look for the distinctive puzzle icon on the Bard interface and give it a click. This will reveal a range of available extensions.
  3. Enable YouTube: Among the extensions, locate the YouTube option and enable it. This will seamlessly integrate YouTube functionality into Bard, unlocking a wealth of features.

Step 2: Summarizing Videos:

With the YouTube extension enabled, you can now leverage the power of AI to summarize videos and extract key insights. Let’s explore how Bard empowers you to do so:

  1. Providing a YouTube Link: Begin by supplying Bard with a YouTube link of the video you want to summarize. Alternatively, you can ask Bard to search for specific videos, making the process even more convenient.
  2. Prompting for Summarization: Once you have your video selected, prompt Bard with a specific instruction using the following format: “Summarize this YouTube video: [YouTube_link].” Bard will swiftly process the request and generate a concise summary of the video’s content.

Step 3: Analyzing Specific Parts:

Bard goes beyond mere summarization by allowing you to delve into the intricacies of video content. Here are two common use cases that showcase the power of Bard’s AI-driven analysis:

  1. Creating Bullet Points for Steps: Suppose you are watching a tutorial video and want a clear breakdown of installation steps. Prompt Bard with a request such as, “Could you create bullet points for steps for the installation of Flutter on Windows?” Bard will diligently analyze the video and provide you with a succinct list of actionable steps.
  2. Summarizing Specific Concepts: If you come across a complex topic within a video, you can turn to Bard for assistance. Ask Bard to summarize a particular concept by specifying it in your prompt. For instance, request, “Can you summarize the Stateless Widget Stateful Widget part?” Bard will swiftly extract the essence of that segment, streamlining your understanding.

Final Words:

Google Bard is an AI tool that summarizes YouTube videos, providing key insights. Activate the YouTube extension, follow the steps, and prompt for summarization. Analyze specific parts and create bullet points for steps or summarize complex concepts. Enhance your video-watching experience with Bard’s powerful capabilities.

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